What is FOMIH?

Friends Of Manchester Ice Hockey (FOMIH) was set up in November 2002, to support the Manchester Storm ice hockey team through to the end of that season. Unfortunately, the Storm withdrew from the Ice Hockey Superleague (ISL), before completing the season due to reasons beyond our control. Together with this, it was announced that the Altrincham ice rink, the last public ice facility in Manchester, was to close.

At this point, it was decided that FOMIH should work towards new aims. What started out as a fan-initiated drive to raise money developed into a fan-based organisation with two principle aims:

1. to work towards Manchester having a new team playing elite level ice hockey for the start of the 2003/04 domestic season and

2. to support the development of a facility, capable of housing, developing and sustaining ice sports for community, recreational, amateur and professional use.

FOMIH has achieved its first objective and will continue with it's second objective. In working towards these objectives, FOMIH developed a strong organisation, managed by a Steering Group. The Steering Group has collective responsibility for all of FOMIHs activities, but each member of the Group also has a specific role.

With the formation of Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club, it was recognised that FOMIH could make a major contribution to the organisation and provide a strong conduit for communications with the ice hockey fans of Manchester.

Therefore, the Club is structured with FOMIH sitting alongside Team Management and Marketing and Sponsorship, providing a large part of the infrastructure. The areas within its responsibility are FOMIH membership, season tickets, merchandise, fan liaison, information technology, events and fundraising, travel and volunteers. Each of these activities, together with financial control, is the specific responsibility of a member of the steering group.

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